Global Citizenship
27th Nov 2016, 10:30 am 1 Like(s) 0 comment(s)
With the help of multi-lingual ability, the power of discrimination can be limited drastically. One would hardly find a reason to neglect or underestimate a global citizen/foreign folk or make him unable to laugh at a local joke in class....
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1st Letter To My Brother
28th Nov 2016, 12:30 am 1 Like(s) 0 comment(s)
This is a very delicate age, not just for your sister but yourself. If mum, dad or anyone have given you an impression that whatever you do doesn't really matter because you're male, please reset your mindset for your own good! For your own good...
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Letter To Ken
28th Nov 2016, 12:40 pm 1 Like(s) 0 comment(s)
I experienced a heartbreak from a relationship, and it almost took my life. Here is a letter to the one person who walked in like an angel when all hope was lost.
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Letter of Birth
28th Nov 2016, 12:40 pm 1 Like(s) 0 comment(s)
It's interesting to read what a child who just came out of the womb wrote as a letter.
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Old Rugged Life vs Old Rugged Cross
27th Nov 2016, 1:05 am 1 Like(s) 0 comment(s)
When a life is termed rugged, because of weakening circumstances beyond its control, there is no need for that life to panic but to remember that an old rugged cross had long years back borne the burden.
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Did you Know How sleepy I Was
27th Nov 2016, 1:05 am 1 Like(s) 0 comment(s)
A young girl was waiting for her lover to pick her from the bus stand, and after several hours, he arrived, and she left without speaking a word. Read her anger piece of lyrics to him.
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Our Priorities Differ
2nd Nov 2016, 12:40 pm 1 Like(s) 0 comment(s)
One of the things we should remember while voting for a comfortable living is that we are no person's wrist watch or perfume. It is obvious who and who may be interested in placing search lights in our paths and hearts...
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The Reality of Loosing Opportunities.
24th Nov 2016, 2:20 am 3 Like(s) 0 comment(s)
You know, sometimes, we are too dependent of thoughts. We base our actions on others' feelings and thoughts. We seem not to be satisfied with our feelings. This is as unreasonable as asking someone to tell how you feel about being injected...
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In Favour Of You
4th Nov 2016, 8:30 pm 1 Like(s) 1 comment(s)
Just along that lonely road. Bushy and muddy. Dark and narrow. I managed to find good ground to place my footsteps. Came this idiot laughing in mockery. Who I always snubbed in the street. A tout in the making. He pulled me down...
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A Logo From Lagos
4th Nov 2016, 10:30 pm 1 Like(s) 1 comment(s)
Lagos is a bright city. With many bad people. Roughly inclined. Industrious in activities. Gifted in theifry Toothed in bad words
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Emergency Relationship
19th Oct 2016, 1:50 am 1 Like(s) 0 comment(s)
When a child is penalised for a wrong, he gets very busy, while shedding tears, looking out for a friend in need, not necessarily indeed. So, even if an ugly monster which should scare the child comes smiling, he quickly smiles back, jaw to jaw...
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When Passion Meets The Heart
26th Sep 2016, 8:40 pm 2 Like(s) 2 comment(s)
To his immediate family, he is like a stubborn beasty human. To people around, he is very selfish, proud, arrogant, wicked and dishonest. To the ones he claims to love, he doesn't care, but takes the heart for granted . . . I believe in him.
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Xenophobia Is Hatred For Humanity!
1st Oct 2016, 7:47 pm 1 Like(s) 1 comment(s)
Why do we maltreat strangers to a land and term it xenophobia; like it’s a defence word? Too stupid an act! Why don’t we kill our new born babies as soon as they come out screaming like strangers?
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Education Should Be Flexible
25th Sep 2016, 10:00 pm 1 Like(s) 2 comment(s)
People are so busy starting up academic institutions, not having innovative ideas of how to impact knowledge. There are so many forms of impacting knowledge, and a person cannot be expected to fit into a particular method.
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Tell Your Story Shamelessly
10th Jun 2016, 10:22 am 3 Like(s) 1 comment(s)
If anyone wants to gossip you, hate you or defame your name, just because you have told a reality about yourself, never mind, sit back, let the one please take the back door! Our world's got good and reasonable people. They would fight for you!
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Women Should Be Stingy To The 'Social Society'
10th Jul 2016, 10:22 am 1 Like(s) 2 comment(s)
Be stingy with your smooth and beautiful skin by covering it properly! Let the society become angry that they can no longer see our cleavages, when we wear clothes. If we become stingy to the social society, no one will be bold to ...
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Do Not Often Compare Your Kids
5th Aug 2016, 10:22 am 2 Like(s) 1 comment(s)
You compared me to one 'holy girl', and one day, you came back complaining she was chewing gum right in the church, while the pastor was preaching. I was so mad at you!
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I Thought Being A Girl Meant More
5th Aug 2016, 11:22 am 2 Like(s) 1 comment(s)
I thought it meant more loving a guy. I thought it meant more romancing a girl. I honestly thought it meant more being single. But Dad taught me to be either single...
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When God Calls You Baby
9th Aug 2016, 5:22 pm 2 Like(s) 2 comment(s)
When God calls you baby, He's not thinking of your shortcomings. He's thinking of how best to make you know that your existence on earth yet matters a lot to him. He's saying everything that disturbs you are like viruses corrupting the heart of a new
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Please Pity The Dumb
5th Aug 2016, 5:22 pm 2 Like(s) 1 comment(s)
There may have been other beautiful things done to compensate the past, but often do we base on the one story we know about things. Our society put a permanent tags on sinners, even when God himself has forgiven them. This is because we fail to liste
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How Should She Submit?
9th Aug 2016, 5:27 pm 2 Like(s) 1 comment(s)
Sex is not enough! Saying you love her is not enough! Let her fulfill the purpose of her existence, as much as you’re doing. After all, when you were wooing her, she was sooo scared, but you promised she would be fine and happy. You promised she wo
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Some Kids Cause Their Curse From Papa
5th Aug 2016, 5:27 pm 2 Like(s) 1 comment(s)
In this journey of life, we come across circumstances that we cannot guarantee its origin neither its solution. Some of us have been swallowed in the ocean of backwardness and it seems like bad-luck have taken over our shadows, but may I remind you?
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Using People and Loving Money
5th Aug 2016, 5:27 pm 2 Like(s) 1 comment(s)
I truly am crying because this is so disastrous and disheartening that in our present generation; We prefer to tamper with people's heart, health, emotions, ego, but respect money. Is this not a height of inhumanity. I will keep saying this; 'sometim
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Uncle Barnabas saves his two cousins from a longer throat visitor. If you are so hungry and not in the mood to share your food with anyone, would you entertain a knock at your door? See what this family did about the same situation.

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1979 by Blessing Chidinma AMADI

It was a suggestion stampede and laughter filled the room. Many funny suggestions hauled in, but they gave Blake a lot of insight. To end the get together, he introduced Asher as his girlfriend and thanked her duly for the initiative. They were all happy for him. He had succeeded to build stronger the “33 bond" again! The couple decided to start something beautiful with the mixture that left everyone wanting more, and that was the beginning of a company that would later become historic; “33 Export Lager Beer". More historically and memorable, of friendship bonds. Every year, the same time, the 33 class of 1978 came together to celebrate the Blake’s initiative of 1979!

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The Assassination of BOWL

It was time for Nisha to bath us, so we get ready for aluminium pot's birthday, and she decided to finish the little detergent she had left before going for the lime colour liquid soap. Who to go first was the problem! I mean I am a bowl. I am expensive. My adoption took a long while because of my rareness. This was the fight. I explained all these to them and they wouldn't listen.

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