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Letter To Ken  by Blessing Chidinma Amadi

Dearest Ken,

You've been asking. I actually stabbed him! 😓😓 Oh yes I did and I was crying profusely because I just knew I had lost it all. He may be in hell; I really don't care! How on earth could I make such a mistake?! I was sooooo scared to even go home to my parents. I knew that if my father set his eyes on me, he would make use of the cutlass! African parents!!! Sometimes, kthey exaggerate our stupidity. No one ever wants to be stupid; people like me only fall a prey. They weren't helping matters at all. They only care about what people would say about the family name; like name had any impact in the true existence of love and humanity and even child training.

Oh! I wished they cared about me; at least for one bad time. I wished they made proper use of their parental power of love. When family is lost, physically and psychologically speaking, all is lost. So, I just told myself that all was lost since family had no hope in me. If I gained their love, believe me, I wouldn't have gone farther than what they already called tragedy. 

While I sat in Peters' one room apartment, of course thinking about what to do with my unborn and unwanted baby, I could hear his voice from the bathroom ten meters away, laying abuses on me; emphazing on the fact that I was too stupid not to have played my game well; thereby creating an emergency liability of myself for him. Men are so wicked and so stupid.

I couldn't believe my ears that the man who wouldn't eat if he didn't see me any day turned his back on me in this painful situation. I thought I was doing the right thing. I thought love was to be given ultimate priority when I ignorantly compromised my principles just to prove how much I loved Peter. How untrustworthy man is!!! Was I also suppose to play games for Peter? The only man my heart did truly beat for; who showed his love towards me beyond his family love. Maybe God wanted to teach my stiffness of neck a lesson. But  God! This experience is too harsh for me!

After nine months of pregnancy, the most terrible thing happened to me! I lost my baby boy. Okay? Please don't believe it because if you do, you would begin to pity me and of course freshen my wounded heart by saying sorry to me. Peter never asked me how I was doing for those nine months. Now, my baby is gone! Where is the love I fought for?! A dirty love. A love so imperfect. I had to stab him, so I knew I was living for nothing.

Ken, God will bless you for me. You walked into the prison on that fateful morning and taught me Christ and his love. Now, I regret stabbing Peter because I've learnt one precious thing; 'ONLY THE LOVE OF CHRIST IS PERFECT'. No matter how man tries, he consciously or unconsciously causes hurt in another's heart. I wish I met Christ from the beginning. Principles are not enough to maintain discipline, but God's grace earned by being his child.

Now, I can love without expecting that the love of man should be perfect. However, not deliberately working towards bringing out the imperfections or resisting the little love human can afford; being created in the image of Jesus Christ.

I think you too should tolerate others who cannot love you up to your expectation. No one can love you without hurting you; no one! God is love and love is incomplete without God. Love is not painful, humans inflict pain on love.


Thank you so much. 


Your Sister in Christ,


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Sometimes, you are coming from a place of pain in your life. Pain that has been persistent for a while. And you don't know what to do about it. You are always sad. You have thought about taking your life many times, but the thought of how your family
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The Bamboo Lesson
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If you plant a Chinese bamboo seed, it will ignore you and sleep in the ground for up to even 5 years. Then within six weeks, it sprouts up to 80 to 90 feet! What?!😮😮🤤 You didn't know right? Oh. Maybe you knew.
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Does Indecent Dressing Increase The Percent of Rape?
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This is the question that many ask, and many men are positive about it, but first, the question should be; SHOULD indecent dressing increase the percent of RAPE? In all honesty, let us answer this question like human beings that are not mentally sick
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In this world, the people who deserve an applaud for the work they do are those who expose their health for our sake. They are those who get dirty their best of clothes to serve us. They are those who deflect their ego for that job not everyone can
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Global Citizenship
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With the help of multi-lingual ability, the power of discrimination can be limited drastically. One would hardly find a reason to neglect or underestimate a global citizen/foreign folk or make him unable to laugh at a local joke in class....
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1st Letter To My Brother
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This is a very delicate age, not just for your sister but yourself. If mum, dad or anyone have given you an impression that whatever you do doesn't really matter because you're male, please reset your mindset for your own good! For your own good...
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1979 by Blessing Chidinma AMADI

It was a suggestion stampede and laughter filled the room. Many funny suggestions hauled in, but they gave Blake a lot of insight. To end the get together, he introduced Asher as his girlfriend and thanked her duly for the initiative. They were all happy for him. He had succeeded to build stronger the “33 bond" again! The couple decided to start something beautiful with the mixture that left everyone wanting more, and that was the beginning of a company that would later become historic; “33 Export Lager Beer". More historically and memorable, of friendship bonds. Every year, the same time, the 33 class of 1978 came together to celebrate the Blake’s initiative of 1979!

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