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Don't be a religious accuser


It is a height of illiteracy to go about insulting a religious group because you don't belong.

Read me well; if you were a Christian, Muslim, and whatever you were, and walked away because you felt that you didn't find the truth or peace of mind there, it is your personal business.

It is your business with God. 
If you think that there is no God, it is much more your personal business.

For humanity's sake, you cannot go about insulting and insinuating that every Christian, for example is same, and thereby grieving the souls of persons who are serving God in truth and in spirit.

Who cares if you don't believe?
Respect persons, insult persons, make mockery of them, if you think they merit it and leave out religions!

Religions teach people to love and cherish humanity.
Religions teach people to be good and pure.

How dare you taint a religion for your own personal reason of not finding the truth in the Holy Book!

How dare you say the words written there is fake and tales?!
Oh! Well and good; personal belief! Who cares?!

As much as no one cares if I tie my head, never wear trousers, go to church, clap and pray to an invisible God, and do not drink alcohol!

How dare you call all Christians hypocrites because 20% of Christians pretend, out of which you have seen only 2%?!

That's illiteracy to start with, because some people even come, and they are writing it as a speech with ambiguous grammar like they are great academicians.

Don't go about looking for disciples to join you believe that there is no God!

People are firstly, and much more their personality than what Religion has taught them to be!

I commit fornication and yet sing in the choir.
Does it mean that every Christian does that?
No! Not at all.

I wear a black gown to cover every part of me, and I'm sweating, and I smoke.
Does it mean that every Muslim smoke?
Is it your religion? Why complain that I'm sweating? Are you the one wearing the cloth?

Don't insult the being who created you, even if you don't believe it's God!

At least respect your creator, or you too came from ape?

Haba! Common sense! Common sense!

We have common sensed everything including the supreme!

No problem. It's your thing, but don't go about insulting whom other people believe in, and gathering ignorant and unstable disciples.

No matter what we do, God remains God, and everyone is bound to believe that one day, some day.

Please live and let live Earth People!

Remain blessed by the air you breathe.

Fru Karl on 13th Sep 2016, 7:12 pm
Nice article Dear
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The Bamboo Lesson
11th Jul 2018, 8:31 am 0 Like(s) 0 comment(s)
If you plant a Chinese bamboo seed, it will ignore you and sleep in the ground for up to even 5 years. Then within six weeks, it sprouts up to 80 to 90 feet! What?!😮😮🤤 You didn't know right? Oh. Maybe you knew.
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Does Indecent Dressing Increase The Percent of Rape?
11th Jul 2018, 8:26 am 0 Like(s) 0 comment(s)
This is the question that many ask, and many men are positive about it, but first, the question should be; SHOULD indecent dressing increase the percent of RAPE? In all honesty, let us answer this question like human beings that are not mentally sick
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In this world, the people who deserve an applaud for the work they do are those who expose their health for our sake. They are those who get dirty their best of clothes to serve us. They are those who deflect their ego for that job not everyone can
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Global Citizenship
27th Nov 2016, 10:30 am 1 Like(s) 0 comment(s)
With the help of multi-lingual ability, the power of discrimination can be limited drastically. One would hardly find a reason to neglect or underestimate a global citizen/foreign folk or make him unable to laugh at a local joke in class....
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1st Letter To My Brother
28th Nov 2016, 12:30 am 1 Like(s) 0 comment(s)
This is a very delicate age, not just for your sister but yourself. If mum, dad or anyone have given you an impression that whatever you do doesn't really matter because you're male, please reset your mindset for your own good! For your own good...
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