Indianah-Africanah Magazine Bi-monthly issue

Indianah-Africanah is coming into production to tell the positive and negative stories/experiences of Africans who have lived, and or still live in India.

A bi-monthly issue; for a general audience; to share any strategic, memorable, sad, happy, whatever experience they have had in India. These stories, in whatever form they are, whether criticising or opinionated, will be in included.

Stories from arrival to day to day lifestlye.

Stories of sex sellers and buyers.

Stories that influence the people that we are and challenge us.

Africans living in India have started telling their stories!

And these stories are very beautiful. You want to read them, and go; "oh India!"

It is filled with excitement, sadness, anger, happiness, criticisms, just about any kind of emotion you may or may not expect.

It is not only that the streets are not made of gold like you see in the movies, it is also that when you first arrived, you would ask like someone once asked; "have we reached?"

Well, not for everyone.

Indians are welcoming people, to an extent. India is great nation too. And I say to an extent because you may not get the welcome treatment in moments you need them. It is a place where "how are you?" and "have you eaten?" are common pleasantries. You are not asked to be fed. You are asked, to fulfil obligations.

I can say it is a strange experience for many people. It is a strange land.

Wait for the satisfaction of your curiosity! Wait for this thing!

Your free copy will arrive in your email as soon as it launches.

Please share below, your opinions if you have any, along side your email address, if you haven't given it yet.

You can leave a friend's email address too, if you want to save a copy for them. That would be nice of you though. Friendship goals.

Keep sharing the word!

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