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Branding your educational degree.

A few years back, I visited my alma mater, and like me some before, the students who were about to write their final exams, in preparation for tertiary institution, were all very confused about the forms they had to fill up for admissions. They were undecided about what course to pursue, what courses were available and what those courses entailed. I decided to support them, despite not getting paid. We held a meeting that extended till after midnight, everyone trying to get clearance on what and how to go about that next stage of their lives. It gave me satisfaction to have saved that particular set, at least 90%, even though time was not enough. Listen, a school certificate is a waste without a brand, an influential and visible potential of its owner. And this is what our poor system of education has robbed us of. I will tutor you on what to do next after graduation. If you are looking to get admission, I will counsel you how to pursue an education that would benefit and secure your future. You will become exceptional afterwards. Contact me to get started.


Uncle Barnabas saves his two cousins from a longer throat visitor. If you are so hungry and not in the mood to share your food with anyone, would you entertain a knock at your door? See what this family did about the same situation.

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1979 by Blessing Chidinma AMADI

It was a suggestion stampede and laughter filled the room. Many funny suggestions hauled in, but they gave Blake a lot of insight. To end the get together, he introduced Asher as his girlfriend and thanked her duly for the initiative. They were all happy for him. He had succeeded to build stronger the “33 bond" again! The couple decided to start something beautiful with the mixture that left everyone wanting more, and that was the beginning of a company that would later become historic; “33 Export Lager Beer". More historically and memorable, of friendship bonds. Every year, the same time, the 33 class of 1978 came together to celebrate the Blake’s initiative of 1979!

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The Assassination of BOWL

It was time for Nisha to bath us, so we get ready for aluminium pot's birthday, and she decided to finish the little detergent she had left before going for the lime colour liquid soap. Who to go first was the problem! I mean I am a bowl. I am expensive. My adoption took a long while because of my rareness. This was the fight. I explained all these to them and they wouldn't listen.

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