The land of Weird

The land of Weird

There’s nothing as powerful as growth, but when you grow in the wrong environment, there’s at all no growth.

I started writing ‘the land of weird’, just smiling. I imagined reading the exempt to a group of people who shared the same experiences, and making them laugh more than I did. But I was so scared that I may not meet up with the timing, because by the time I decided to write this book, a lot of things were on my table to do, yet I had eight months to dedicate it in the best of its form. I was also scared that there were lots and lots of stories to tell, and I wondered if I would ever remember to tell them all, or if my lazy hands would let me the strength to write them all.

I got demotivated at some point. I was demotivated by how faithful and honest I had to be writing this book. I was thinking if it’s at all worth it. I was demotivated by contemplating how many would be inspired and how much it would sell.

I got de-motivated and I sought motivation, much more difficult because this is not fiction. One week today, this work was incomplete and I was yet contemplating if I should drop or continue.

Well, I knew it would sell, but the intention to sell it was made mute and futile by one young man, a real beautiful soul who believe so much in divinity and natural reward, respect for intellectuality and being an example to other young people, in a present world where it is thought that everyone does everything for the sake of money, and that everything is all about money.

He reconstructed, recovered, reminded and re-motivated my mind. He told me that this is the greatest gift I can give as a writer; to sit, in all its difficulty and short of time, dedicating my mental stress to writing about these five beautiful people; what I believe would keep them together even in their absence.

I wish to take out this paragraph to say thank you to Fru Nfon Sama Karl, for helping me see a strong need to write this book, and for fighting against all odds to make sure it is published.

However, while I thought about it, I yet smiled; so excited of putting down in writing, a source of everlasting memory in a way that it can be more valued and appreciated.

India, truly is a land of weird. When I first thought of a name for this book, it was ‘the strangest land ever’, then ‘the land of weird’. When I again looked up the meaning of weird in the dictionary, I was so satisfied and convinced to go ahead. As the word implies, India, amongst other nations, is a land of fate; a land of unusualness or strange; a land of extraordinary character; a land relating to odd magic and lots more.


Well, I deem it fit to briefly introduce these five wonderful persons for a better and more interesting consummation of this book which would specially and mostly be talking about them.

Bro IFEANYI ACHOLONU, as we often call him, happens to be the chosen shepherd of our church. He is our pastor, and hails from Awo-mmamma in Imo State. He likes to drink coke and bread. He has a very unique open teeth which he intends to close up a little, so as not to make others jealous. Nobody could have fit into the post of Pastor-ship than he did. His liberal nature is outstanding, and he is mischievous.

The eldest of us is Bro NAPHTALIE OBILOR. The one person who sacrificed himself to make the house of God lively playing the keyboard, and insisting on doing that, no matter how imperfect we thought it to be. His perceptive about life is encouraging and unique; really intelligent, and played the role of our eldest brother satisfactorily. He plays a lot, and that portrays him like the kid he’s not. It’s quite interesting to see him playing; his pattern of laughter is the weirdest I have seen.  

Miss PRECIOUS DOM-OKEKE who bears the most beautiful surname amongst us, and hails from Anambara State, held the post of a Senior Prefect before graduating from Logiss. She cries a lot and is quiet in nature; a unique and classic orator, who begins every session of her speech with a boring history, which however yields a better understanding to her audience sometimes.

The one dark in complexion and slim-fitted female amongst them is Miss GRACE ELECHI; mischievous in nature, very hardworking and a really good singer. She has this cool dimples and her physic is deceitful to her age. She handled the post of a Sports Prefect while in Logiss.  She’s fond of discovering; herbals good for hair growth, natural foods for this and that, and all sorts of exercise is practiced by Grace. She’s a good runner too, and has won many awards for that.

One last funny and most mischievous Miss, who wouldn’t mind that her name is mentioned last because of her kind heart and special gift of understanding about life is Miss BENITA EZEIGBO. She’s very hardworking, strong, and can most probably sew a wedding gown, using the needle and thread. She handled the post of a Sanitary Prefect while in Logiss. She learnt to cook better in India, and she’s too eager to learn new things; a very carefree and shy personality. Benita can most probably gift her husband’s house in pity for a shelter-less fellow.

These five are no less intelligent, and did make us proud with their academic prowess.

I’d like you to note that I’m majorly precise about our little community in Mangalore city, rather than the whole of India. There are many other Africans who came from different places, other than Nigeria and rightfully live their lives without the consent of our little community.

If you would like to own a copy of this book and know more of an African's experience in India, write to us on

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