The Omen With Youth Christian Relationships

The Omen With Youth Christian Relationships

Following an event one day, my father almost broke my head with a stool because of my answer to his question “who is that young man to you?

My reply; “a casual friend”

My father was literally mad. Hell let loose in my house on that day. Needless to say I hid that relationship for all the while it lasted.

In fact, I travelled with Lawrence to University of Nigeria, Nsukka when I went to write my aptitude test for admission. We slept in one room, on one bed. And shut up before you conclude, we did not have sex. Oh yes, we kissed and played love games. I loved Lawrence like ‘kilode?’ (what is it?)

You see, a lot of things go on in the Christendom among youths, just because of the foundation that has been laid for them, the myths that has been fed/thought them on how to relate with other people, especially, the opposite sex.

I made a post on Facebook in November; should Christian relationships be encouraged in the church? I afterward promised to write a longer version of an article on that. I said in that post and I quote;


“Should relationships in church be encouraged....?


I come from a Christian background where friendship with the opposite sex is discouraged and seen as vulgar. Personally, I am someone who hardly get biased as long as denomination is concerned. If I find something not okay in a denomination where I come from, I spill it and I unfortunately do not care who may say stuff about me. I also commend any denomination that I feel deep in my heart that they are doing something right. It may just be one single thing. I commend them openly and in private.


You see, one thing I have had a big problem with in many Christian denominations today is relationship. Take note, I know that there are Godly and ungodly relationships. So chill before you think I am about to propagate sexual affairs before marriage.


I will call this an excerpt from a long article I am writing on "encouraging youths to build Christian relationships", because I have lots to write on this, backed up with realistic experiences.


What some denominations think and propagate about relationships have caused more harm than good. I don't understand it when a parent or pastor bashes a sister because they saw her sitting together, talking, and laughing with a brother. They even term it sinful.


Today, they say is sexual purity whatever, sorry I don't know, but when we want to educate and encourage people to be chaste, we should not do it with a knowledge of nothing; ignorance. We should be thorough about it.


Rather than tell people not to have friends or relationships, I prefer you teach them how to have Godly relationships, that way, all the "sneaky sneaky" will be avoided. A lot of young people make mistakes in their personal lives for this lack of teaching. They meet with the world, and suddenly they are taken unaware, because they were rather taught not to meet with the world, instead of being taught how to relate or discipline yourself when you meet with the world.


Choir masters now make young sisters they are in love with their daughters and claim to be fathering them, while loading them with sperms. For me, a major part of this disgusting acts come from what people are being taught; to hide their feelings, to pretend when they see someone they love, to what good please? Then they use another means to reach that end!


Christian relationships should be encouraged. I stand for it, and appreciate all the folks who propagate chastity through their teachings on Godly relationships on this platform. When we understand what is a relationship, we will not be so quick to always judge it and define it as "two people in a room fornicating". Too bad!


Well, wait for my long article with life experiences of the much harm telling a brother not to be friends with a sister has caused, and oh, of course I will also talk about the many Christian friendships that have graduated into marriage without defiling themselves, and worth mentioning also, those who have honestly made mistakes, realised it and amended it. That anyone has made a mistake does not mean that they are doomed or cannot be saved”.


Well this is that that article turned book. *winks*

In this book, I am going to reveal a lot of those myths and basically analyse them and the harm they have caused so far.

I will not just quote bible versions that has been misinterpreted unto harm over the years, but tell a lot of life experiences that are the realities and basis for people’s actions.


For those in Nigeria


Click here to download the book


In India or any other country


Click here to download the book


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Fru Karl on 24th Jan 2018, 12:52 pm
I have purchased and read the entire book from cover to cover. I highly recommend this book to you who are reading this summary and to all persons related to you in one way or the other. It is an insight to many stereotypes that have led to misplaced values. Thank you Lady B.
JOY BOY on 24th Jan 2018, 6:17 pm
A good read I must say. This book has a special kind of balance that should be present when talking of Godly Relationships among youths. Download and Read it.
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